Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) at Infinity Treatment Centers

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is an evidence-based treatment method that encourages self-awareness and helps participants uncover the root of their addiction. Adapted from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), DBT was developed to treat individuals suffering from borderline personality disorder or a pattern of self-loathing and self-harm. The technique uses simple, practical tools to help clients gain personal insight and accept the need for behavioral change.


The Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Process

DBT helps clients abstain from substance use, manage painful withdrawal symptoms, reduce cravings, avoid situational triggers, build sober friendships, and engage in healthy sober activities. Using skills training, therapy sessions, phone coaching, and therapist consultations, Infinity clinicians ally with patients to address four key DBT modules:

  • Mindfulness: Focusing on the present rather than the past or future and accepting experiences without judgment.
  • Interpersonal relationships: Safeguarding friendships and family relationships while learning to establish limits and boundaries.
  • Emotional regulation: Learning to identify emotions and respond in a measured way—without acting impulsively.
  • Distress tolerance: Developing coping skills that allow you to persevere through crisis without turning to drugs or alcohol.


Credentialed Los Angeles Area DBT Professionals

Partnering with licensed therapists trained to administer DBT is the first step toward a therapeutic outcome. At Infinity’s network of treatment centers, our team of trained DBT experts work with chemically dependent and dual-diagnosis clients.

Dialectical behavioral therapy teaches that individuals are doing the best they can, but that they are seeking improvement and have infinite ability to change. DBT’s proven success rate extends to drug abuse, alcoholism, mal-ordered eating, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and mood disorders, and it is used in both group and individual settings—depending on a client’s needs.


Change Your Life. Change Your Legacy.

At Infinity Treatment Centers, we create safe, inviting environments where genuine and lasting change can take place. Relying on DBT as one part of our therapeutic spectrum, we help guests find their new direction. DBT is backed by scientific evidence, and Infinity staff members have witnessed its success among hundreds of residential and outpatient clients.

Change begins today. Call (888) 266-9048 to restore your self-image, become more assertive, and tap into your infinite potential. Experience the support of a transformational therapy community or speak with a caseworker about admissions details.