Family Program

Family Program at Infinity Treatment Centers

Drug and alcohol dependency can become a crisis that threatens the fabric of your family unit—but Infinity Treatment Centers can help. Through counseling, psycho-education, and professional support, clients and their loved ones begin to restore boundaries, develop healthy coping strategies, mend broken relationships, and uphold one another on the path to change.


Helping Families Heal

Studies show a link between relational support and a reduced chance of drug or alcohol relapse. Whenever possible, Infinity’s network of addiction facilities invites parents, children, and significant others to be involved their loved one’s rehabilitation. First, we take time to learn about our clients’ families: observing relationship dynamics and discussing how chemical dependency harms the family unit. In some cases, family counseling programs bring other behavioral disorders to light—or encourage participating family members to seek intensive counseling for the trauma caused by a relative’s substance abuse.

Additional benefits of incorporating family healing into Infinity’s residential and outpatient rehab programs include:

  • Improved treatment compliance & recovery motivation
  • Enhanced client accountability
  • Understanding of relationship boundaries
  • Constructive verbalization of fear, anger & other emotions
  • Opportunity to recognize enabling behaviors
  • Development of constructive coping strategies
  • Prioritization of self-care for clients & family members


Family Addiction Counseling Programs in the Los Angeles Area

As a family member of an individual recovering from drug or alcohol abuse, it’s important to remember that you are not responsible for your loved one’s recovery. You do, however, play an integral role in supporting them throughout a continuum of care while seeking healing for yourself.

Providing the care you and your family deserve at our beautifully appointed Southern California locales, the Infinity Treatment Centers’ staff will also arrange for interventions and safe, accompanied travel when someone you care about is in trouble.

At Infinity, we believe everyone has the potential to change the trajectory of their life as they pursue genuine, lasting change. We are your allies and confidantes during this process. Inquire about anonymous treatment at our gated, beautifully appointed facilities by submitting a confidential online request. An Infinity team member will help you get approved in minutes, and will advocate for you to secure insurance reimbursement.

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