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Los Angeles Valley Residential Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Secluded on 25,000 square feet of spacious grounds, Infinity’s Tarzana facility caters to the unique recovery needs of young adults. If drug or alcohol use has disrupted your education, negatively impacted your mental health, or severed family ties, our team of addiction specialists can help you change your trajectory.

Patients appreciate the privacy and convenience of Infinity in the Valley. Within an upscale neighborhood with easy access to dining, shopping, and 12-Step community meetings, our 4,500-square-foot Tarzana home is equipped with private and generously sized semi-private rooms. Expansive patios and outdoor lounge areas invite relaxation and fellowship, and the facility’s interior includes multipurpose rooms for yoga, art therapy, music therapy, and meditation. These modalities are an ideal complement to our evidence-based education and counseling programs since they encourage spiritual healing and holistic wellness.


Los Angeles Area Rehab Options

Tailored to your health history and lifestyle preferences, our luxury San Fernando Valley rehab treatment programs include:

The often-hidden pain of drug and alcohol dependency touches every facet of a young person’s life, leaving broken homes, behavioral conditions, and mood disorders in its wake. At Infinity in the Valley, we restore hope by encouraging positive relationships, defining healthy boundaries, and preparing each patient for an eventual return home.

Recreation opportunities abound at Infinity in the Valley. Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy sweeping views of the surrounding hillside and equestrian property, local hiking and biking trails, and nearby nature preserves like Marvin Braude Mulholland Gateway Park. Young people seeking a more secluded experience can channel their inner artist, meditate on our private grounds, or engage in small group fellowship.

Infinity in the Valley Features

Our luxury Tarzana facility is staffed by experienced counselors, case managers, clinicians, and mental health professionals. Working collaboratively and customizing every treatment program, these dedicated men and women serve as recovery allies and confidantes.

  • Under the expert care of our 24-hour licensed LVN or RN staff, you will detox comfortably and continue on your recovery journey.
  • Healthy, gourmet meals and weekly grocery trips keep you fueled for the task at hand. Our estate’s private chefs always take specialized nutritional needs and food allergies into account.
  • Gated securely and designed to protect your privacy and safety, Infinity’s Tarzana house offers peace of mind for patients and parents.
  • We realize that you may need to correspond with educators, employers, and families during your stay with us—so we provide telephone and wireless access.
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