Sober Living

Sober Living at Infinity Treatment Centers

Once you have completed your Los Angeles Area residential or outpatient recovery program, you have the opportunity to reside in our Agoura Hills transitional sober living residence. Beautifully appointed with a welcoming, modern interior, Infinity’s IOP and sober living estate offers the continued support you need while serving as a stepping-stone from active recovery to a less structured environment.


Advantages of Transitional Sober Living

Sometimes called “halfway houses,” sober living communities are a secure retreat for clients reintegrating into society. Infinity’s sober community offers social events, leisure opportunities, non-denominational 12-step meetings, and spiritual enrichment. This type of schedule prevents clients from becoming too solitary after rehab and keeps them motivated about pursuing daily drug and alcohol abstinence.

Surfers in recovery.

Recovery is supported in a sober living home.

During your time in our sober residence, housemates become like family. Together, you work, prepare meals, enjoy fellowship, and deal with ongoing recovery concerns. Additional benefits of residing at our Agoura Hills sober home include:

  • Positive, supportive team of peers
  • Reduced chance of temptation & relapse
  • Gradual transition from hospitalization to home
  • Strict adherence to community rules
  • 24-hour availability of staff & housemates
  • Accountability through drug & alcohol screenings
  • Peaceful environment & lifestyle


Planning for Success During Sober Living

Most clients choose to live in transitional communities for several months at a time, but there is no long-term commitment. Goals of our sobriety house are to minimize risk of relapse, explore healthy coping strategies, and hold one another accountable for behaviors and choices. Learn more about our continuum of care or enroll in our private, gated sober-living residence by requesting help online.

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